The Journey Begins

After more than a full day of traveling, I’m now in Bangkok, settled into what will likely be my new “home” during my time in the city.  Lucky for you, I’ll post something I wrote a on the first leg of the trip when I was slightly more coherent.  Here goes…

I’m settled into my window seat, flying over the mighty Pacific Ocean en route to Narita before heading on to the long-awaited “final destination” of Bangkok.  What better time to document the myriad of memories, thoughts and emotions that have been swirling through my head over the last few weeks?

I meant to update the blog a little more frequently over the last several weeks, but spent more time in a raspberry patch, on the back of a horse, in a combine harvesting wheat, chasing nieces and nephews and exploring miles and miles of U.S. scenic highways rather than with a notebook in hand.  I did, however, have a camera.  Check out photos from the last month on flickr.

I have few words to describe how valuable this last month has been.  I’m grateful for the chance I had to simply take a breath and enjoy the change of pace, place and perspective.  To leave what has been a whirlwind in DC and look ahead to the next chapter, and enjoy time with family and friends and a myriad of adventures along the way.

I’m now sitting here wondering just what God has in store for this next chapter.  I’m en route with no expectations other than to keep my eyes, ears and heart open; not unlike my journey to Thailand almost two years ago.  Only this time I have a little more luggage and an uncertain return date.

With no expectations, my first order of business is to simply listen. Watch. Absorb. Learn.

To listen to the Thai language and begin to hear the thoughts, challenges and hopes of those I meet… and hopefully learn to speak well enough to ask some questions.

To watch and absorb the cultures and traditions of the Thai people.

To watch and learn the ways that those at The Well have learned to serve God and serve the men and women of Thailand.

To keep watch for unmet needs, and keep an open mind as to creative ways to contribute.

And in the process, watch and listen for the ways that God wishes to reveal Himself in Thailand.  What He’ll reveal about His character, and just how much He cares for His children.

Am I anxious?  Nervous?  Scared?  Excited?  I’m not really sure. My extremely gracious sister that dropped me off at the airport might have a better idea… she got to witness the multiple packing and “pesky details” meltdowns that occurred prior to the launch.  But all things considered I feel uncharacteristically calm as I sit here on the plane.

I know this calm has nothing to do with me, but I attribute it to the following:

The support and prayers of family and friends. God answered those prayers for a smooth journey in a big way.  No visa issues.  No flight issues.  Easy peasey everything.

The reminders of the journey that brought me to this place.  The silent but unmistakable call to go and continued “green lights” and open doors that made it possible.

The faith of those that have gone before me.  Whether that be the missionaries that have served in Thailand previously, those that are there now, or those that have launched elsewhere in the world (not to mention any names…. Adam Taylor…..) Each offer the gift of inspiration.

I’m grateful to be here. Grateful for those that sent me off with such generosity. Grateful in advance for the work that is ahead.

So, here we go.  The journey begins.

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    • adamtaylorethiopia
    • August 17th, 2010

    YAY I am the first to comment!!! I have been sitting at my computer for days waiting for the update.. lol.. Right, just glad I am still alive. Am I allowed to right bad jokes on here to cheer you up? Will your viewers be offended. I know the calm you have. Its weird right? Ya know, big whoop, leaving home, family, security, career, ha! Surreal right? With the calm comes the natural expectations, which can be harmful but generally you are in for the ride of your life. I love your attitude about it, absorb, absorb! I hope you can just ride the ebb and flows, take it in, be encouraged, excited and so forth. It is just amazing what you are doing, you have entered into such a small minority of folks that I believe live an amazingly full life with more strength then most people even realize they have. Excited to read about all the ways you are blessed, all the way God works in you to grow you into a MEGAWOMAN!! (whatever, im tired and had no other name for it)….. Ok I think I am done now, hope the rambling makes you smile. Enjoy the daily whirlwind, hang onto your first experiences as in time it becomes easy to forget them. Now youre the hottest girl in Thailand, good luck with that and Tabaraki(God bless in Amharic).. Oh and thanks for the shout out…

    • adamtaylorethiopia
    • August 17th, 2010

    Ok I have more to say, its the first night with quiet house after we had three nights of sleep overs with the 22 boys…. so maybe your different, but I had vacations, stressful meetings, and excitement in my old life but nothing was close to the VERY regular “whirlwinds” I experience now. So enjoy them, even when hard. My old life seems bland somehow. I really am started to flex my God muscles, its great.

    And so wait, those pictures are the house youre living in? It looks amazing!!! Do they have a lot of street kids in Thailand and can I live in that kind of house if I work with them? I am in!

    • Adam – you make me laugh. 🙂 The house is in Seattle – I was commissioned to do a quick shoot of the garden design when I passed through there and just uploaded them so they could view. This is the problem with not putting captions on my flickr uploads… 🙂 After my niece and nephew photo uploads, then I’ll start posting Thailand photos. Keep up the good work, Adam and let’s chat soon!!!!!

    • Kelli
    • August 17th, 2010

    yeah! so happy that you’re safely arrived. thanks for the update 🙂

    • Russell Laird
    • August 17th, 2010

    I am grateful to know you, call you a friend, and witness your work! You have a lot of people who admire your courage and compassion and send prayers your way!

    By the way, at NCC last week Joel mentioned something about how you will be using your expertise and background in agriculture in your work there. I’m not sure that he explained it fully. Maybe I just missed it. I think I vaguely remember you mentioning how many girls there come from farm backgrounds but come to work in the city. That may be an interesting subject for a post sometime. You will probably have no shortage of good subjects for posts.

    • Jeremy Steffens
    • August 18th, 2010

    So glad you made it safely. Cori, spending time with you and watching you up close as you prepared to leave were a model of maturity and spiritual depth. Keep the blog posts coming! Miss you!…and even your Prius 🙂

  1. Cori, you are such and inspiration! I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you! I am always amazed at those “green lights” in my own life. Going to DC to intern was one of those times in my life and I learned so much while I was there. I am glad I met you there too! Look forward to reading more.

    • Randi Leister
    • August 21st, 2010

    your pictures are AMAZING! i loved looking at all of them, especially the ones of Katie and her adorable family and the ones of my beloved homeland : ) i am praying for you my friend!

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